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Interested in supporting Gamjul? We’ve got a few ways that you can help us continue all of the amazing work we do. Why not become a volunteer to enable us to reduce Maternal Mortality in our community and allow us to take on more exciting projects. Our work is dependent on the help of our incredible volunteers. From helping to facilitate our events to pushing our voice and engaging people on the streets and digitally, your work would be invaluable. To volunteer just follow the link below and fill in the short form.

  • Your support will bring more energy
  • Your presence will bring new ideas
  • We always believe in Team

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What Makes us Different?

Projects you can trust.

We fully vet for Maternal Health in our community. Even those in the remote areas.

Training and support.

We offer tools, training, and get the funding and resources needed.

Direct connections.

Donors know exactly who and what they are funding. They can send and receive messages and get regular updates.

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