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Gamjul Moms & Babies a Non-Profit Organization, that equips Professionals in the field of Reproductive and Maternal Health have joined forces to create the Mothers and Babies Initiative. The goal is to provide Women with tools for better Maternal Health, improve access to Preventive Information and Services along with train health Workers to reduce Maternal and Child Mortality and more through Pregnancy and early Motherhood, to create a World where no mother or Child should die from preventable causes related to Pregnancy and Childbirth. 

Gamjul was Registered under the Laws of The Gambia in 2020. It started in 2017 as a result of the experiences of the Founder after her own childbirth. She learned that Hundreds of women were dying every year due to no access to Maternity Care. She then dedicated her work to understanding the challenges and the opportunities for Improving Access to Maternity Care in The Gambia

We are Commited to Equal Health Care Opportunities


Advocate for Programs, Projects, and practices to address Maternal Health Care during pregnancy, by strengthening and Quality Improvement to The Health System in Reducing Maternal and Infant mortality in the Rural and City Areas of The Gambia.


We believe it’s not just what you do but how you do it. We exist to help reduce the number of Women dying or injured in Childbirth. A Gambia in which all women and their babies can access safe and appropriate childbirth.

Meet our Team

Meet The Gamjul Team of Professionals who are committed and dedicated to touch so many lives and give hope to vulnerable Families every day.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Committed to Transparency

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